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Unlike other traditional table games such as blackjack or poker, online slots don't require any gambling knowledge. We don't have any online slots guide to teach you how to play the slots. Anyone can play online slots game with a very small bet and can win huge s. For this reason online slots are generaly most prefered online games from new and existing players.


Slot Machine Variants

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online slots 3-Reel Standard Slots - these are the most usual slot machines. You bet a certain amount, then spin the three reels and depending on the outcome of the spin, you either win or lose.

free online slots3-Reel Max Bet 2 Slots - these machines allow you to bet the maximum of two coins, not three as in Standard Slots.

free online slotsProgressive Jackpot - a progressive means that a certain percentage of every bet goes into the progressive pool. You win the by obtaining a very high symbol combination, usually only when playing for maximum bet.

free online slotsBonus Game machines - have a Bonus Game require you to obtain a special symbol combination, or collect certain symbols. When you do, you will enter a bonus round, with special prizes waiting for you. Please note that in some games you have to play for maximum bet to qualify for a bonus round.

online slots real money3-Line and 5-Line Slot Machines - here you specify your bet per payline, and the paylines on which you bet. A payline is the line along which Your total bet is then line bet x number of lines selected. 3-Line Slots have 3 lines for you to choose between, and 5-Line slots have 5.

online slots real moneyMultiline Slots - same as above, only these machines have more than 5 lines, usually 8 or 9.

free slots online3-Row and 5-Row Multispin Slots - after the first spin you choose which reels you want to hold, then spin the rest of the reels again. 3-row and 5-row mean you have 3 or 5 rows of reels.

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