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After registering to online casinos you should select secure and fast payment methods for making your deposits. After detailed research, Casino Bonus Rehberi selected the best casino deposit methods .

Getting money into an online casino using a credit card has become problematic. Most American and European block online gambling transactions, making credit card deposits problematic. But, there is hope. There are many online casino deposit methods for depositing and withdrawing money at online gambling sites. These methods provide added security and convenience that you would not have by using a credit card.

We list some of the popular online casino deposit methods below. Our personal preferences are Neteller and Click2Pay. However, all of the listed methods are safe. A great feature of most online gambling sites is that they will give you a 10% to 20% bonus on all your deposits if you use certain specified casino deposit methods . All such bonuses are offered by the online casinos listed under our online casino reviews.


Neteller - Online Payment Method

casino deposit methods

NETeller is an online payment transfer service where you can deposit money into your account and then use it to make online purchases. One can fund their NETeller account by Credit Card, Wire Transfer, EFT/ACH or InstaCash.

It's simple, fast, and extremely secure. Simply open an account at and deposit your money, then log in to your Betting Account and select the NETeller option at the Cashier.



Skrill is a tool that allows players to safely send and receive money via email - instantly. Players can fund their account via CC or Wire and then deposit into any web site for betting. Click here to open a Skrill account.


  • The web site is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish and other languages.
  • You can send money via email from your credit/debit card or bank account and can make online purchases
  • You can collect money via email



CLICK2PAY is a free global payment community that acts like an online wallet. It provides a safe and secure method to transfer cash online, same-day payments, and virtually instant cash transfers.

CLICK2PAY account benefits are:

» CLICK2PAY keeps your credit card details and payment history confidential.
» You can fund your CLICK2PAY account via Visa, MasterCard, EFT, ACH, and Direct Debit
» There is no need to pre-fund your account. CLICK2PAY will automatically deduct your purchase amount from your deposit mechanism at the point of purchase
» You can access your account balance and transaction history anytime, anywhere, via the CLICK2PAY website.

For more information please visit

Credit Cards

visa master card

Credit cards are widely used payment methods in online merchants.

Although more of the online casinos accept Visa and MasterCard, some banks prohibit their cardholders from making transactions on gambling web sites.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you should open an alternative payment method for your transactions.

Western Money Order

Western Money Order

Western Money Order today with just over 245,000 Agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries and territories is a transfer service for express sending of money between countries.

You can send money via Western Money Order from nearest Post Office or from all bank branches in your country.

Benefits of Western Money Order are that it is secure, fast, easy to access and convenient.

  • Secure - every transaction is protected with high security system; you are getting 10 digits control number which guarantees deliver of your money to the right person.
  • Fast - worldwide newest technology which uses secure networks in more than 200 countries; receiver can get the money in a few minutes after sending them.
  • Easy to access - you can find Western Money Order in the Post office and in the all bank branches in your country. Worldwide you can find it in the post offices, banks, drugstores, shops, train stations, airports and almost everywhere.
  • Convenient - you don't need a bank account to send money; you can send them only with your ID.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer Wire transfer, done bank-to-bank, is considered the safest international payment method. Both account holders must have a proven identity, and there is little possibility of a chargeback, although wires can be recalled.
Additionally, information contained in wires is transmitted securely through encrypted communications methods. The price of bank wire transfers vary widely depending on the bank and its location, and in some countries the fee associated with the service can be costly.
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